On March 12, 2014, Gina a young and vibrant loving wife and mother, was struck by a semi-driver and suffered extensive injuries as well as a traumatic brain injury. Her life changed in an instant. Throughout this journey, giving up was never an option. Even when doctors and specialists recommended to her husband Derek that he should consider taking her off of life support, he was determined to love her through anything. We would put our faith in God, prayer, hope and LOVE. After two months in a coma, and several more months in different hospitals and rehab facilities, Gina pulled through and came home.

Gina’s life, like many others who have suffered from traumatic brain injury, has changed since her accident. Most days, Gina requires help with a caregiver, and must continue various types of therapy to help her build strength and relearn the everyday activities we so often take for granted. Through it all, Gina continues to make progress and amaze us every day with her determination, strength, and most of all her spunky personality, humor and compassion.


Immediately following the accident, Gina’s family started a Facebook page called “Gina’s Journey” to keep everyone posted on Gina’s condition, progress, and care following the accident. The Facebook page exploded and gathered over 5,600 “friends”. Truth be told, the Facebook page served not only as a tool for getting the message out, but also as a healing forum for Gina’s family and friends as a way to cope throughout the process, and give hope that someday Gina would be able to read it herself to see how many people loved her and reached out during that difficult time. We experienced something incredibly amazing when over 5000+ individuals LOVED Gina and her family through this experience and continue to amaze us daily.

In our quest to help Gina heal, our family would like to give a purpose to this accident by sending the message, that there is always victory in circumstance when it is used for something good. This tragedy, like so many others has truly inspired us to start a non-profit organization called Give LOVE for Life. Our hope is to raise funds for families like ours who have had their lives turned upside down and experienced similar circumstances. Gina and her family would like to “pay if forward” and help others who have experienced similar life changing events.

We have learned firsthand through this experience, LOVE is powerful. We read once, that love is the healing power of the universe. We believe that now, more than ever.

This is how Give LOVE for Life was born.


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Gina’s Journey Face Book Page

If you would like to see more of Gina’s Journey, you can visit her original Face Book page here to track her progress.