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Life changing events don’t usually announce themselves. Everyone has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they once were. Read below about those who have undergone challenging experiences and how your donations have helped them live better lives.

Matthew Erickson

Matthew was born with a rare brain tumor in which doctors warned, was likely fatal. With your donations we were able to get Matthew a special therapy bike that allows him to ride using his arms and legs.

Learn more about his against-all-odds survival story here.


Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

RIC staff care for and treat traumatic brain injury patients and are the underlying hope and perseverance in the long recovery process.

Your donations help to provide gratitude appreciation luncheons for staff and caregivers who go above and beyond providing love and care.

Learn more about RIC and all they do here.

Ronald McDonald House of Chicago

Your donations helped to provide gift cards to offset the expenses of driving back and forth from the hospital and rehab treatments for families staying at the house that have loved ones getting treatment at RIC.


Feltman Family

Zac Feltman was involved in an accident in which a driver hit him while he was on the side of the road.

Give Love for Life helped with some of the driving expenses for driving back & forth to Lutheran General Hospital during Zac’s hospital stay.

Gina Brettman

Giving Love for Life was started and created for Gina and others who have also experienced traumatic life changing events. Your donations helped to provide Gina with a therapy room and two weeks of intensive myofascial therapy at Therapy on the Rocks, in Arizona. Gina continues to take an active role in the organization by attending events, and living life to her fullest. Your donations continue to inspire Gina and our family.


Clayton Oats

a lifelong resident of Huntley and Air force Veteran was airlifted after a motorcycle accident in which resulted in the loss of both legs. He also fractured both of his arms in the crash.  GLFL was able to raise and donate a substantial amount during one of our summer fundraisers to help Clayton through his recovery.

Martinez Family

GLFL was able to help cover a month of daycare expenses after two year old twins Alex & Josh unexpectedly lost their father.


Szostek Family

On August 10th, the Szoztek family was shaken to the core when their daughter Nikki (18) collided with a semi truck. GLFL dropped off a basket full of love and gift cards when Nikki returned home from the hospital.  We also assisted with helping to find in home medical equipment to assist in her recovery.

Gift Baskets

GLFL has provided numerous “love” baskets to individuals going through life changing events.


Village Family Practice/ Village MD

Give Love For Life reached out to provide assistance to local families and colleagues with love ones in the Houston Texas area that were affected by the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. We helped to provide funding for mattresses, sheets, childrens clothing, and school supplies.

Emily & Amy Kahl

In honor of their mother Pamela Kahl, GLFL helped to support Emily and Amy’s participation in the Walk to defeat ALS in Rockford.


Meals For Heart Program at the Ronald McDonald House

Give Love For Life volunteers serve lunch a few times a year at the Ronald McDonald House near Lurie’s in Chicago. We prepare and serve homemade meals for families staying at the house through the the Meals for the Heart program.

Donate Now to Help Those in Need

LOVE is powerful. Your contribution goes towards those who have experienced life changing events and need your love and support.

Healing is an Art. It takes Time. It takes Practice. It takes Love.


Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any other material possession.

Barbara De Angelis

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